Logo for the Planning for Canada pre-arrival program. The logo contains the program name with a red and green maple leaf.


Program Summary:

Arrive with confidence! Planning for Canada (PfC) helps immigrants prepare for their move, settlement, and employment in Canada. PfC offers FREE orientation sessions and personalized advice virtually worldwide and in person in India and the Philippines. Our live, interactive, and personalized services provide the information you need to better prepare for life and employment in Canada.

You want to:

  • Attend an in-person session in India or the Philippines, or live online
  • Clarify your expectations, make informed decisions, and start networking
  • Engage directly with advisors to help you plan your next steps
  • Get targeted connections to put your plan into action

They offer you:

A comprehensive program offered in three steps:
  1. Group Orientation: A one-day or two-half-day group orientation session where you will get the information you need on all key elements of living and working in Canada and start networking.
  2. Personalized Planning Session: A one-hour session, where you can address your questions and concerns live and directly with one facilitator and create your own action plan
  3. Connections: Engage with committed in-Canada advisors in your province of destination to put your plan into action. Get the additional support and local connections you need based on your priorities and occupation before departure.

Services delivered:

  • Online live services globally
  • In person in the Philippines and India

Language of service:

  • English
  • French
  • Additional local languages may be available on demand

Watch a video from Planning for Canada

Planning for Canada offers pre-arrival services to approved economic and family-class immigrants to help them integrate into the job market and settle smoothly in communities across Canada.