Refugee Programs

Pre-arrival programs can help you find information on employment for refugees. Browse the three pre-arrival programs available below. For more information about a program, use the 'Click here to read more' to view the program's page.
E-Start provides online occupation-specific learning modules and employment-related information to pre-arrival refugees as preparation for their post-arrival employment journey in Canada.
SOPA for Refugees provides general pre-employment services for Government Assisted Refugees and Privately Sponsored Refugees who are waiting for re-settlement in Canada.
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COA provides information and orientation sessions to refugees before their departure to Canada. The sessions cover important information about resettlement and life in Canada.

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Help for all newcomers, including refugees

Refugee pre-arrival services include helping newcomers:

  • know their settlement needs and link them to services in their community
  • better understand life in Canada and make informed decisions
  • get language training in English and French, so they have the skills to live in Canada
  • search for and find jobs
  • build community networks with long-time Canadians and established immigrants

Access support services which help with:

  • childcare
  • using transportation
  • finding translation and interpretation services
  • finding resources for people with disabilities
  • accessing short-term/crisis counselling if needed.