Sharvari Jois

Sharvari Jois

JVS Toronto

Sharvari, is the Director, Online and Mentoring Services at JVS Toronto. She has been with the Canada InfoNet pre-arrival program since its beginning in 2016 and has built expertise in catering to the pre-arrival needs of internationally trained professionals. Her professional evolution within the program is a testament to her commitment and invaluable contributions.

Sharvari came to Canada InfoNet with extensive international experience in management, human resources, recruitment, training and mentoring. Currently, as the Director, she provides leadership, overseeing not only two pre-arrival programs but also a spectrum of mentoring and online services at JVS Toronto. Sharvari is an innovative and collaborative leader who continues making invaluable contributions to enhancing client services and building and maintaining partnerships across the sector.

Sharvari Jois is an exemplary nominee for the NSIC due to her multifaceted proficiency and resolute dedication. Having personally experienced the journey of an internationally trained professional relocating to Canada, Sharvari has cultivated an innate empathy and insight into the intricate dynamics of the settlement process. Her blend of lived experience and professional acumen positions her as a compelling advocate for enhancing the pre-arrival experience.

Sharvari’s extensive involvement in the CPC and monthly SPOs meetings shows her proactive commitment to refining pre-arrival services. Within these collaboration opportunities, she consistently presents pertinent issues as well as suggests innovative solutions to bridge service gaps for pre-arrival services. Her collaborative ethos is evident in her aptitude for relationships with fellow Settlement and Pre-Arrival Service Provider Organizations.

What truly sets Sharvari apart is her profound dedication to transparency, constructive communication and problem-solving attitude. Her extensive experience in the pre-arrival sector including front line and management gives her the knowledge and perspective to identify gaps and emerging trends in pre-arrival issues while her constructive communication equips her to convey these while aiming for creative solutions.

In conclusion, Sharvari Jois stands out in many of the qualities sought in an NSIC member. Her blend of lived experience, professional journey, and unwavering commitment to collaborative enhancement renders her an exceptional candidate. With Sharvari as an NSIC member, we can anticipate a fortified bridge between Pre-Arrival CPC, NSIC representation, and NSIC itself, ultimately fostering an environment of shared growth and enriched newcomer experiences.

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