Logo for the SOPA pre-arrival program. The logo contains the name of the program with the tag line 'Arrive Prepared.' The logo features a pink and purple maple leaf.

Refugee Program - Employment

Program Summary

SOPA for Refugees introduces you to important information about the Canadian job market, job search process and Canadian workplace culture through an interactive online course called Ready to Work, facilitated through WhatsApp

You want:

  • Information about how to prepare to enter the Canadian workforce, and how to become Ready to Work.

They offer you:

  • One-on-one orientation sessions and development of an individualized settlement plan
  • Dedicated employment specialist located in your province of landing
  • Interactive online course “Ready to Work” (facilitated through WhatsApp)

Course Topics

  • Topic 1: Canadian Jobs
  • Topic 2: Applying for a Job
  • Topic 3: Job Interview Preparation
  • Topic 4: Parts of a Job Interview
  • Topic 5: Your Work Documents
  • Topic 6: Employment Rights, Rules and Responsibilities
  • Topic 7: Workplace Rules
  • Topic 8: You and Your Workplace
  • Topic 9: Course Summary

Language of Service:

  • English


  • Refugees who are waiting for re-settlement in Canada, who can communicate using basic English, and who have access to a mobile phone.

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Arrive one step ahead. Pre-arrival services that are initiated earlier in your immigration journey will help you effectively address your needs and build connections within your new local community and between pre-arrival and post arrival services.

SOPA Staff understand the importance of early action and preparation, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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