Get help before arriving in Canada: About pre-arrival services

What is a pre-arrival service?

You and your family can get free in-person and online services to help prepare for and adjust to life in Canada.

We call these pre-arrival services.

Why use a pre-arrival service?

Pre-arrival services can help you to prepare for your move to Canada, get your education, work experience and credentials recognized; and more!

You can access all of these services funded by IRCC for free.

Pre-Arrival programs offer:

  • Employment Services
  • Family and Youth Services
  • Settlement Information
  • Information on life in Canada
  • Mentorships


Immigrating to Canada? See if you qualify for pre-arrival services

Eligibility for pre-arrival services:

You can get free online services, if:
  • IRCC approved your permanent residence application
  • you’re currently outside Canada
  • you have one of these documents:
    • a letter from IRCC saying you can get pre-arrival services
    • a confirmation of permanent residence letter/document
    • a passport request letter that indicates permanent resident visa issuance
    • a letter from IRCC asking for your medical exam results
    • a single-entry permanent resident visa
    • a letter from IRCC letting you know you can pick up your permanent resident visa
    • *Please note: A Biometrics letter/document is not a valid document for pre-arrival program registration


Pick Your Pre-Arrival Services

Pre-Arrival Program Categories:

Click on the tabs below for more information on pre-arrival program categories. You can register for more than one pre-arrival program and as many as you are eligible for and/or have the time to commit to your chosen pre-arrival programs.


Complete your registration

In Step 3, you will complete your registration form. You will need the following documents in order to successfully complete your registration:

  • Proof of immigration document such as:
    • A Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) letter/document
    • A passport request letter that indicates Permanent Resident visa issuance
    • An IRCC request that an applicant for permanent residence complete a medical examination
    • A Single Entry Permanent Resident Visa
    • A Permanent Resident Visa pick up notification letter
    • An IRCC invitation to obtain pre-arrival services
    • *Please note: A Biometrics letter/document is not a valid document for pre-arrival program registration
  • Your UCI number (Unique Client Identification)

  • If you select an Industry-Specific Employment program:
    • A copy of your updated English language resume
    • Some pre-arrival programs may require a language assessment document
  • If more than one family member registering:
    • The documents provided during each registration should be unique to the person registering