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By selecting "I agree”, I certify that to the best of my knowledge all personal information provided is true, accurate and correct. I hereby consent to and authorize (A.C.C.E.S.) Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services (“ACCES”) to use and disclose any and all of the personal and/or employment related information provided to referring agencies, education and training organizations, and other services associated with ACCES for the sole purpose of assisting me in securing employment and/or reaching my employment goals.
I also consent and authorize the release and disclosure of my personal information provided above to representatives of any and all governmental and/or administrative bodies that collaborate with ACCES with respect to the development, administration and delivery of the ACCES programs and services. I also give my consent and authorization to ACCES to the use and disclosure of my personal information provided above for the purpose of ACCES’ internal quality assessment and assurance processes. The security of your personal information is important to us. Personal information provided to us will not be used by ACCES for any purpose except as herein identified or otherwise consented to. We are committed to protecting your personal information and treating it as confidential. I am aware that I can choose not to give information. I am aware that there are some employment services and programs that require certain information for assessment of eligibility and the provision of services and programs by such can be denied if information is not supplied. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy incorporated by reference herein.

I also consent to receiving by e-mail or other electronic contact ACCES's publications, event invitations, service, membership and fundraising updates and announcements and other commercial electronic messages ("CEMs"). I understand that this consent to receiving ACCES's CEMs may be withdrawn at any time by emailing

As a program participant, I agree to:
  • Be fully committed to the program, with the clear objective of completing the program, including all assignments, before my landing date of arrival in Canada
  • Complete course work (e.g. resume updates, and assignments) within 8 weeks of my online platform being activated Seek support with applications and interviews as required
  • Maintain contact with program staff Inform program staff in a timely manner when I obtained employment
  • Advise program staff if I am unable to complete the program
Additionally, I recognize that ongoing funding of this program is reliant on ACCES Employment’s ability to substantiate that this program leads to gainful employment. As a result, I will inform program staff of specific details (name of employer, starting salary and position title) as soon as I obtain employment. I will also complete the template provided so that ACCES may submit to its funder a Success Story that details my experience and accomplishment in this Training Program. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) may also want to contact me in the future.

They will ask only about IRCC services, including services I receive from ACCES, and if these services were useful to me and helped me settle into Canada. IRCC will use my answers, and answers from other immigrants, to improve services for all immigrants. This is voluntary: I am not obligated to answer IRCC’s questions. IRCC will not use my information to make any decisions about me personally. And I agree that IRCC, or an independent research company acting for IRCC, contact me in future.

Consent for Connecting Canada Research Project Participation: Connecting Canada is a research project. The lessons learned from the project will help provide information to ACCES and the Government of Canada on the experiences of prearrival newcomers as they choose where to settle in Canada. Your participation in this research is voluntary. ACCES will collect information about your participation in the program and share this information to our research partner, the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC), for research purposes. Your participation in this research will help ACCES and the Government of Canada create more effective pre-arrival services for other immigrants.

If you agree to participate, you will be invited to participate in at least three surveys before, during, and after participating in the program and potentially focus groups and other activities.

Your information will be confidential. This means that the information that you provide in the surveys will be kept private and will only be seen by the research team. All reports from this research will present only group results – no names will appear in any reports and your information will be destroyed two years after the end of the research. No significant risks are anticipated as a result of participating in this study. Even if you decide to participate now, you may change your mind and stop at any time. You can withdraw from the research at any time by emailing ACCES at Withdrawing from the research will not affect your eligibility for any services.

By selecting "I agree", you consent to participate in the research, understand that your participation is VOLUNTARY, understand what you will be asked to do, as described in this consent form, understand that all information shared will be kept confidential, understand that all your personal identifiable information will be destroyed two years after the project ends, understand who has access to your information and how your information will be used, and understand that you may refuse to participate or withdraw from the study at any time without penalty.

If you have any concerns with consenting to this research project or do not wish to consent to participating in this research project but would still like to access ACCES pre-arrival services, please contact us at